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Top 5 Tips For Better Sleep

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People all across the world have difficulty sleeping. Lack of sleep can hinder your health and lead to more serious diseases. For this reason, OPAL Nutrients put together their Top 5 Tips for better sleep.

  1. Eat a light dinner. If your body is still trying to digest your dinner, it will have a difficult time allowing you to fall asleep. If your dinner is filled with a lot of sugar or carbohydrates it will also hinder your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  2. Take Magnesium. Taking magnesium or consuming a magnesium rich will help you sleep better. Research from the Biochemistry and Neurophysiology Unit at the University of Geneva’s Department of Psychiatry indicate that higher levels of magnesium actually helped provide better, more consistent sleep since magnesium is a calming nutrient. In addition to the goat’s milk kefir, foods like spinach, pumpkin seeds and even dark chocolate can help since they’re loaded with magnesium. Sources 1,2
  3. Essential Oils. Having a diffuser next to your bed might just be your perfect solution. Using oils such as lavender and bergamot oil have been scientifically proven to help with sleep aide.
  4. Drink Your Tea. Drinking a calming tea before bed can help warm up your body and calm your senses. A chamomile tea or a bedtime tea is the perfect solution. Just make sure your tea is a warm herb and that the tea does not contain caffeine. Here are a few we love:
    1. Bedtime Tea by Yogi Tea
    2. Organic Traditional Medicinal Nighty Night Tea
    3. Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea
  5. Epsom Salt Bath. Taking a Epsom salt bath before will help calm your muscles and release your energy. Epsom salt also contains magnesium, which has been scientifically proven to help with sleep. The warm bath will help your body rest, relax and reset.

We also recommend keeping your phone and TV out of your bed. Both have blue light which keeps your brain working. You need to use your bed as a sanctuary. This will help you sleep better and keep your stress out of your bed. We hope these tips help with your sleep. Sweet Dreams!

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