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We generally are not able to accept product returns.  If you are not completely satisfied with your OPAL Nutrients LLC purchase for good reason, please contact within fourteen (14) days of receipt.  We will happily review your order and any reported issues and offer an appropriate resolution which may include replacement of the product in question, credit towards your next purchase, or a partial/full refund. Any refund issued will be at the discretion of the OPAL Nutrients LLC. In certain rare instances, we may request that you return a product, in which case we will provide a shipping label. Alternatively, we may ask that you provide photos of the product labels, including lot number and expiration date, and any damage reported. If your ordered Products are undeliverable because of missing, incorrect, or incomplete information, “Return To Sender” fees are your responsibility and will be deducted from any potential refund amount provided to you. When placing your order, please enter your shipping address carefully to ensure accuracy and review your receipt/account for any errors.  If you enter the shipping address incorrectly when the order is placed, please email immediately for correction.  We do not issue refunds of any kind for purchases made through retail stores, practitioners, or third-party websites. If you purchase any product from a retail store, practitioner, or third-party website, the refund policy of that retail store, practitioner, or website shall apply.
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Our nutrients are created for everyone from professional athletes and everyday health enthusiasts to beginners looking to gain insight on how to achieve peak performance.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality products that improve your health, wellness and the longevity of your professional athletic career.


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