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OPAL Nutrients® is the best choice when it comes to nutrition for high performance athletes. We are NSF certified to help athletes, coaches and sports professionals know this is the right supplement for them and their clients.

Our Core Values

Optimized Performance

OPAL Nutrients products are scientifically designed to optimized the performance of your mind, body and soul*


OPAL Nutrients products are scientifically designed to promote the longevity of professional athletes careers and the longevity of your overall health.*


OPAL Nutrients are scientifically designed to improve your brain health, immune system, intestines, joints, energy and overall wellness.

Everyone these days lives by the “work hard, play hard” mantra. This is good in concept, but, it takes a toll on your body. I bet you’ve never heard anyone say “rest hard, recover hard”. Recovery is essential to continuing to perform at peak levels. This is where supplements can bring a little more balance to your life. You ask a lot of your body, so you should also ask a lot of your supplements.

About Us

Our nutrients are created for everyone from professional athletes and everyday health enthusiasts to beginners looking to gain insight on how to achieve peak performance.  Our mission is to provide the highest quality products that improve your health, wellness and the longevity of your professional athletic career.


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